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I should have started this blog 10 years ago. Well, actually 36 years ago. I had a privileged childhood and ever since I was a kid our family has been travelling and seeing new places around Europe. My grandmother used to live in Italy and my cousins outside Bruxelles, Belgium, so we did that tour in our Volvo almost every summer holiday. I loved sitting in the back of the car, reading comics, listen to my parent’s music (Dionne Warwick!) and Be On The Way.

During winter breaks we typically went skiing, often in the Swedish mountains in places like Katrina Klövsjö but sometimes in the Alps as well. It is fair to say that travelling was a natural part of my life when I grew up.

A major step for me was to leave the comfort of friends and family and move 600 km south to the old university town of Lund in the south of Sweden. I started studying electrical engineering and psychology and it was an easy choice to study abroad at some time. I started off with a year as an exchange student in Kansas (USA) and before that an amazing summer in Bratislava (Slovakia) as an IAESTE exchange worker. Shortly after my year in Kansas I finished my studies doing my master thesis in Quito (Ecuador).

When I started to work, after my studies, I went for jobs that would take me abroad. I worked as a presale engineer and support engineer and went on as many foreign trips as the companies I worked for would let me. Most of my colleagues had kids so they were happy to let me go on sales meetings, installations etc all over the world.

For multiple reasons, I left the corporate world, back in 2010 and started an online business creating ad based web sites and blogs. The company is completely online based which had made it possible for me to work and live wherever I want. I have used this to live and work from Bali, Thailand, Dubai, South Africa, Sri Lanka etc.

2010 startade jag ett företag där jag utvecklar annonsfinansierade webbsidor och bloggar. Det är ett helt internetbaserat företag vilket har möjliggjort att jag kunnat bo och jobba där jag vill. Detta har jag utnyttjat till att bland annat bo och jobba ifrån Bali, Thailand, Sydafrika och nu även ifrån Sri Lanka.

During my years of traveling I have visited over 50 countries. Although I have made some 100 websites and blogs I have, for no real reason, never had a proper travel blog. I do, however, love to write, take photos and share my stores so it is about time I do that now.

With TalesOfTrips.com I will publish stories, photos and small travel guides from the places I visit – but also visited in the past. I will launch stories from my previous trips as well (probably back dated). The idea is to create a guide to the world with tips and recommendations based on my taste and the places I have visited.

I hope you will enjoy the ride and have good use of the tales and stories I publish.




My name is Christoffer Björkwall and I am a 36 year old guy from Sweden. I have been travelling ever since I was a kid. These are the stories from trips from the past and, of course, trips I am doing now. I love mountains, beaches, wild animals, storms & tornadoes, skiing, scuba diving, adventure sports etc when I travel. I am not equally fond of historical and cultural locations (like churches). I usually keep my trips on a low budget because I rather go on one more trip than on one expensive trip.



Så kul att du också satsar på resesajt! Stort lycka till! Hör av dig om du vill göra något samarbete.


Yvonne Björkwall

Jag följer dig. Jättekul att se alla fina fiskar men det vore roligt att också få se en bild på er båda.

Var rädda om er och ha en underbar tid!


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