Countries I have visited

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Although I try not to see travelling as an accomplishment and I truly try to avoid “checkbox travelling” (i.e. done that/seen that – check!), still it could be interesting to show which countries I have actually been to. I have the audacity to include countries I have only set my foot in (despite Saudi Arabia of in which only my big toe has been to). I do not count Gibraltar as a country, although I have been there. All in all I have visited 57 countries in total.


  • Sweden – My home country. I have travelled around here to some extent but never really been up north (yet)
  • Denmark – Spent two brief holidays here when I was a kid and visit Copenhagen with some frequency since I currently live only about 30 minutes away.
  • Finland – Although I have not been much in mainland Finland I have spent a lot of time on the Finnish island of Åland where our family has a summer house. I even lived here for a few months back in 2013.
  • Norway – Been to Oslo a couple of times. Had an emergency landing in “Hell” (the town is called Hell). If it would not be so expensive I would go more often. Visiting the fjords etc is high on my list of places to visit.
  • Germany – Mainly visit Germany as a transit country on our way to Italy or Belgium as a kid but I have been to Berlin and had a road trip through Germany.
  • Netherlands – We often drove through the Netherlands while getting to our cousins in Belgium when I was a kid. I have never stayed in the Netherlands though.
  • Belgium – My cousins used to live in Belgium when I was a kid. We went there at least once a year but did not really do much sight seeing or anything. Also been to St Truiden on a business trip as an adult.
  • France – Been to Paris twice. Once as a kid (when our car was robbed) and once as an adult. Been to two weddings in Provence and spent a week at the riviera learning to sail catamarans through UCPA.
  • Spain – Backpacked through Spain for some 10 days as a part of a longer trip and have returned multiple times to enjoy the sun in Nerja, Mallorca, and Canary Islands.
  • United Kingdom – My sister used to live in London so I went to visit her a couple of times.
  • Italy – My grandmother used to live near Genoa so we went there almost every summer when I was a kid. Also been to Florence on a business trip.
  • Cyprus – Once on a business trip and once for one of this two-week-party-charters when I was 19.
  • Andorra – Brief visit during my backpacking trip through Spain.
  • Liechtenstein – Only by driving through it, as a kid, when driving to our ski apartment we had in Switzerland.
  • Monaco – With my parents when I was a kid.
  • Luxembourg – Only by driving through it on our way to Belgium.
  • Slovakia – One of the countries I have lived in. Spent three months here in 2003 working as a programmer in an “exchange student” program called IAESTE. Was mostly in Bratislava but went on a road trip as well.
  • Switzerland – Skiing trip(s) and visiting a friend while he was studying in Neuchatel.
  • Slovenia – Took a train through it in 2003. Looked beautiful but never really saw anything of the country.
  • Czech Republic – Been to Prague twice on weekend trips. Beautiful city.
  • Croatia – Did some island hopping in 2003. Visited mostly Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik. Loved it!
  • Bosnia – As a part of the trip to Croatia we went to Bosnia as well but only Mostar. It was a short but quite powerful trip. A place I really want to see more of.
  • Hungary – Been to Budapest twice. Once for a bachelor party and once as a weekend trip while living in Slovakia.
  • Poland – Been to Warzawa twice. Once for a weeding and once as a weekend trip with some friends.
  • Austria – Skiing trip(s) when I was a kid and visits to Vienna when I lived in Slovakia.
  • Portugal – I have never been to mainland Portugal but visited the Azors as a vacation with my family in my late teens.
  • Estonia – Once on a business trip and twice through cruises.
  • Latvia – As a weekend trip with some friends.
  • Ukraine – Went to visit a friend over a weekend trip and had a really good time although it was freezing cold!
  • Russia – Weekend trip with my sister to Moscow.
  • Ireland – Weekend party trip with a friend. Went to Dublin and Cork.
  • Greece – Once on a business trip


  • Morocco – Spent 24 hours in Tanger as a part of my backpacking trip in Spain 2004. Was young and naive and got tricked all the time. Hated it.
  • South Africa – Been here three times and “lived” here for a month and a half in 2012. Came back for a wedding in 2015. One of my favourite countries in the world. Used to have a popular website (in Swedish) about South Africa.
  • Lesotho – Day trip while visiting South Africa. Beautiful!

North and Central America

  • USA – One of the countries I visit most frequently due to my storm chasing interest. Lived in Manhattan, KS, as an exchange student at K-State 2003/2004. Spent a month in Rochester, MN, and been here on multiple business trips.
  • Mexico – Once to visit a friend in Monterrey, once at a wedding in Mazatlan, and once with friends from San Diego to visit Tijuana.
  • Costa Rica – Spent four weeks here studying Spanish. Loved it! So many animals and so much great nature.
  • Nicaragua – Briefly went to Grenada after my stay in Costa Rica.
  • Panama – Went to Panama City and saw the canal on a short trip.

South America

  • Ecuador – Lived in Quito for 6 months while doing my master thesis. Loved the country, especially Galapagos.
  • Venezuela – Visited a friend who lived here while I was in Quito.

Asia (including Middle East)

  • United Arab Emirates – I go to Dubai almost once a year since I have a good friend living here.
  • Oman – Road trip from Dubai to spend a weekend at a luxury hotel.
  • China – Once in Hong Kong as a part of my 2006 backpacking trip and once in Dalian for a wedding.
  • Thailand – Been here several times, mostly on “workations”, e.g. with the 2010 project Paradise Business Camp. Usually try to train Muay Thai when I go.
  • Cambodia – Twice. Once as a part of the 2006 backpacking trip and once when I lived on Bali, to visit a friend in Pnom Penh.
  • Indonesia – I lived, and worked, 6 months on Bali when I started my business. One of the most important trips of my life. I did not see much of Bali or Indonesia though.
  • Malaysia – Once as a part of the 2006 backpacking trip but I have spent multiple nights in Kuala Lumpur as this was the transit city to get out of Bali.
  • Singapore – Three nights as we finished our 2006 backpacking trip. Went on bachelor party here.
  • Lebanon – Visited my sister who used to live here.
  • Japan – Lived in Kanazawa for two months as a part of a business project. Had a difficult time due to cultural and language difficulties. Loved Kyoto though.
  • Vietnam – Went to visit a friend in Ho Chi Minh city for a few days while staying in Thailand.
  • Myanmar – The country that least deserve to be on this list. Only been to the border station on a Visa run. Still I have the stamp to show for it.
  • India – Went to visit my sister for three days in Goa.
  • Sri Lanka – Went on a trip for a month to Sri Lanka, while starting up TalesOfTrips.


  • Australia – Went on a six day Visa run to Sydney while living in Bali. Would really have liked to see more.