Chasing tornadoes in the USA again

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I am back in the US again for my 7th season of chasing tornadoes. Something that started off as a curious adventure trip in 2009 has turned into a full blown passion and I long for these trips months in advance. This season I am chasing with David Williams of Tornado Alley Chasing again. I chased with him in 2015 and 2016 as well and we had a blast, outside of the fact that I never seen a tornado while chasing with him…yet!

This trip started off really slow though and the weather has not been very friendly to us. The whole season of 2017 has been really bad but we will start with almost a week of down days, which is really boring. Fortunately, we have been able to spend those in Colorado so it is really not all that bad. Yesterday we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and had a great time. We actually saw a thunderstorm with some lightning and hail but also some moose, elk and experienced the scenic beauty at 12.000 ft.

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rain shower



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