Three unexpected types of in-flight entertainment

glory optical phenomenon

I flew from Stockholm to San Francisco today. It was a long but quite ok flight and did not feel nearly as long as it actually was. It was probably due to some unexpected “in-flight entertainment” I experienced.

I am very excited about nature phenomenon in general but sky phenomenon in specific. So, when we flew over France and I saw the peculiar image above I was really amazed.

As you may see there is a circular “rainbow” and the shadow of our plane in the center. Some helpful people on Twitter helped me out in understanding this is an optical phenomenon called a Glory.

Leaving Paris and while ascending I saw another phenomenon that is much more common. Yet, I still appreciate it every time I see it.



Lastly, and quite unexpected, was that the in-flight safety video from Air France actually caught my attention. I have seen and heard those hundreds of times and nowadays they are usually in your entertainment system. At first I did not realize it was actually a safety video, or if it was a serious one but it sure was.

The safety video was made to be “chique” and I guess they managed to be that. On one hand it felt like a new approach to boring safety videos but yet again very old in the way of skinny, pretty models talking about how the safety belt adjust your waist line. Hmmm…

Now I am finally in my bed in San Francisco. We are staying on Oskar’s bonus points at the very nice Sofitel in Redwood City. Really looking forward to some sleep now!

sofitel redwood city san francisco

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