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the swedish number

I just got an email from “Svenska Turistföreningen” (Swedish Tourist Association) who is starting a campaign that sounds like fun: The Swedish Number. Call the number above +46 771 793 336 (i.e. “+46 771 SWEDEN”) and you will be connected to a random Swede who, in turn, has signed up to answer on The Swedish Number.

A fun initiative to let foreigners learn a little bit more about Sweden!

If you want to join, as a Swede, download the app “The Swedish Number” and follow the instructions. You can choose when you want to participate and answer etc. Read more at TheSwedishNumber.se.

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My name is Christoffer Björkwall and I am a 36 year old guy from Sweden. I have been travelling ever since I was a kid. These are the stories from trips from the past and, of course, trips I am doing now. I love mountains, beaches, wild animals, storms & tornadoes, skiing, scuba diving, adventure sports etc when I travel. I am not equally fond of historical and cultural locations (like churches). I usually keep my trips on a low budget because I rather go on one more trip than on one expensive trip.

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